Pest Library

Do you need help identifying a particular bug that has invaded your home or business? You can reach out to the agricultural department - plant division for an accurate identification. This page provides a resource for accurate insect identification. In Salem, OR, our pest control company exterminates or removes a wide range of bugs and pests.

Close up of red weaver ant with wide open mandibles and ready to attack


portrait of a brown marmorated stink bug straight on view

Box Elder/Stinkbug

Mouse closeup


Bedbug on a wood floor

Bed Bug

Dead cockroaches on the white floor


Portrait of rat face close up


Bee on a daisy


close up Blow fly carrion fly bluebottles greenbottles or cluster fly on white wall


Close up termites or white ants


Closeup of Colorado potato beetle (potato bug) on the potato leaf


Pair of grass rivulet moths (Perizoma albulata) mating. British insects in cop in the family Geometridae the geometer moths. Typical of calcareous grassland where yellow rattle grows


Wasp nest with wasps sitting on it. Wasps polist. The nest of a family of wasps which is taken a close-up.


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